Bringing relief to New Zealand men with perfect sized MY.SIZE condoms

MY.SIZE condoms - your perfect sized condoms

With 7 different sizes and a free online measuring tape MY.SIZE makes it easy for New Zealand men to find their perfect sized condom.

bizSearch Ltd, importer and official distributor of MY.SIZE condoms in New Zealand, introduces the MY.SIZE condom brand with 7 condom sizes (47 – 69 mm widths) to New Zealand to help men make the right choice when buying condoms. German engineered and manufactured by R&S Consumer Goods, a major premium quality condom manufacturer, MY.SIZE condoms focus on correct size, the most important aspect of buying a condom. By offering New Zealand’s largest range of condom sizes bizSearch aims to fill the gap for sizes that are hard to find here.

Condom size and correct fit are not really talked about in New Zealand. What is more, often men are not aware of their condom size and the importance of correct condom fit. Although there are many studies available on the topic of ill-fitting condoms and subsequent issues, there seems to be a lack of awareness in the New Zealand market. When looking at condoms on the shelves here it is mostly about flavour, texture, colour, thickness or material. Condom size, the deciding factor when buying condoms, is neglected.

Limited range of condom sizes in New Zealand
Condoms currently available in New Zealand range from 49 mm to 60 mm widths. However, often only a limited size range is sold in stores (mainly 52 mm – 58 mm widths). A recent study by Veale D, Miles S, Bramley S, Muir G, and Hodsoll J (2014) for instance showed a mean value for erect penis circumference of 11.66 cm, which equates to a condom width of 58 mm. This size, however, is already regarded as large by major condom manufacturers, when in fact it is just average. Other studies show similar results. MY.SIZE addresses this gap by providing larger condom sizes (e.g. 60 mm, 64 mm and 69 mm) as well as smaller ones (47 mm – 49 mm), e.g. for 16 - 17 year old teenage boys.

Finding correct condom size is key
“It’s all about correct fit and helping consumers find their right size,” says Elisabeth Johnston, Marketing Manager of bizSearch. “If a condom is uncomfortable, restrictive, slips off or breaks, then it’s most likely that it doesn’t fit correctly. You wouldn’t buy shoes that don’t fit. So why buy ill-fitting condoms?”

Condoms that are too big or too small greatly reduce enjoyment, sensation and comfort. More importantly, they also considerably affect safety in terms of slippage and breakage. Especially in light of the World AIDS Day earlier this month it is important to raise awareness for both, using condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs and using condoms that fit correctly.

Johnston says, “By bringing MY.SIZE condoms to New Zealand we’re asking men to find out their correct condom size, which by the way is very easy with our free MY.SIZE measuring tape online. Once they know, they need to be able to buy the right size. And that’s where MY.SIZE condoms come in.”

Giving men a better choice with MY.SIZE condoms
MY.SIZE, as the name implies, is all about the correct size for these very reasons – being able to feel and enjoy more and be safer at the same time. By offering 7 different sizes (47 mm – 69 mm widths) and thus, giving a choice, it is the only condom brand for retail that focuses solely on this crucial factor. Moreover, all 7 condom sizes have the same form and shape, which makes comparing sizes within the MY.SIZE condom range very easy.

“So it comes as a relief for men when they no longer have to use condoms that are 1 or 2 sizes too small or too big and negatively impact on their experience. And men who’ve stopped using condoms because of this now have a choice. We’re very pleased to finally have MY.SIZE here to make a real difference for New Zealand men and their partners,” says Johnston.

MY.SIZE condoms are German made, high quality condoms that surpass the industry quality standard ISO 4074. They are available in selected New World supermarkets and pharmacies in the South Island and selected adult shops nationwide. bizSearch hopes to significantly increase national coverage for MY.SIZE condoms in 2016. 

For consumers: Download your free MY.SIZE measuring tape from Mysize Condoms New Zealand on Facebook.

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