World leading OHROPAX earplugs finally arrive in New Zealand

OHROPAX, innovator and founder of the first commercial earplug OHROPAX Classic over 100 years ago, brings peace and tranquillity to New Zealand with its premium range of earplugs.

OHROPAX Color and OHROPAX Classic

bizSearch Ltd, importer and official distributor of the OHROPAX® product range in New Zealand, brings premium earplugs from world leading German manufacturer OHROPAX and inventor of the first commercial earplug 108 years ago to New Zealand just in time for summer. Selected New World stores in the South Island will sell the high-quality earplug brand, starting with OHROPAX Classic and OHROPAX Color. OHROPAX Classic is German’s No. 1 selling wax earplug for sleeping, whereas OHROPAX Color is a top foam earplug with a very high decibel rating for loud noise (e.g. at parties and events).

Noise - the underestimated stress factor
Noise is often underestimated as a stress factor, when in fact it is a significant form of environmental pollution. Loud noise from construction, traffic, sport events, festivals, parties and/or night time noises from e.g. neighbours and snoring partners can considerably affect people’s well-being and health. It can even cause long-lasting and permanent health issues. Providing effective protection for ears should therefore be paramount.

"Ears are very sensitive and every ear is different. So you want to make sure you use the best earplugs available to protect them; earplugs that meet your needs and are synonym with top quality and high comfort," says Elisabeth Johnston, Marketing Manager of bizSearch. "And only OHROPAX fits both. We’re very excited to bring OHROPAX earplugs to New Zealand, so consumers can finally enjoy its many benefits."

Providing consumers with premium earplugs for over 100 years
OHROPAX has a long history in making premium earplugs. Its focus is simple – providing the best and most comfortable protection for consumers’ ears. In fact, its first product OHROPAX Classic, dating back to 1907, has hardly changed and not only remains unique, but also highly popular. True to its slogan “Luxury for your ears” OHROPAX offers a wide range of extremely comfortable and versatile earplugs with consistent high noise protection across the entire frequency range. Examples are earplugs suitable for smaller ears (OHROPAX Mini Soft and OHROPAX Mini Silicon), swimming (OHROPAX Silicon Aqua) and protection against wind and cold (OHROPAX Windwolle).

OHROPAX earplugs are now available in selected New World supermarkets in the South Island. bizSearch aims to make OHROPAX earplugs available around the country in 2016.

For consumers: For more information on how OHROPAX earplugs can bring you peace during this busy summer season visit Ohropax New Zealand on Facebook.


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