OHROPAX, innovator and founder of the first commercial earplug OHROPAX Classic over 110 years ago, is at the forefront again by introducing OHROPAX flight for truly comfortable flying.

The new OHROPAX flight with patented filters for flying

The new OHROPAX flight with patented filters for flying

bizSearch Ltd, importer and official distributor of the OHROPAX product range in New Zealand, introduces OHROPAX flight earplugs to make flying finally comfortable for adults and even school-age children. These innovative new earplugs come with patented special filters that regulate the pressure balance between the ears and the cabin. As a result, they help prevent the often very uncomfortable air pressure fluctuations during take-off and landing, making painful ears a thing of the past. Needless to say, OHROPAX flight also gives you peace and quiet during the flight at the same time.

Equalising air pressure
Painful or uncomfortable ears during take-off and landing seem to be a part of being up in the air. Who hasn’t at least once hoped the plane would take off or land faster just to be rid of the pain in one’s ear? “The balance in ears is affected, especially when taking off or landing”, says Kim Johnston, Managing Director of bizSearch. “Ears have to work hard to deal with the rapid changes in air pressure and equalise these air pressure changes. Thankfully with OHROPAX’s new addition OHROPAX flight, this part is taken care of and you can enjoy all parts of the flight.”

Patented special filters
OHROPAX flight earplugs come with patented special filters, made out of TPE, a skin friendly material and not known to cause allergies. These special filters help regulate the pressure balance between the ears and the cabin especially during take-off and landing, thereby eliminating uncomfortable air pressure fluctuations.

Apart from regulating ear pressure, OHROPAX flight earplugs also provide comfortable, mid-range noise reduction SNR 16 dB, while still allowing voices to be heard.

Suitable for adults with smaller ear canals and school-age children
The innovative, new earplugs come with a second pair of slightly smaller earplugs for travellers with smaller ear canals. “Having two earplug sizes available ensures almost all travellers are covered. In fact, OHROPAX flight earplugs are even suitable for school-age children”, says Johnston. The special filters can easily be exchanged between the two earplug sizes.

OHROPAX flight earplugs are recommended by flight attendants overseas. OHROPAX flight are retailed exclusively through pharmacies in New Zealand.

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